B&C Barrier Washers

UltraClean Laundry is proud to offer an American designed and serviced barrier washer-extractor from B&C Technologies.

This washer has a PC programmable microcomputer control, an extraction force of 350G’s, and automatic door positioning. It is a premium candidate for a cleanroom washer; for instance, it can be configured in the options with an electropolished basket, 316 SS stainless on all wetted parts, vapor barrier on drain, a PC programming kit, and a barrier wall seal kit. This will put your washer-extractor above and beyond your competition in the cleanroom industry.


SB Series Washer-Extractor

This Washer-Extractor model has a 16 week lead time and can be factory customized to meet your needs and corporate SOP’s. Contact Kyle for more information. Standard features:

  • Advanced PC programmable microcomputer
  • 350G extraction force*
  • Automatic door positioning
  • 5 compartment supply dispenser (dry and liquid chemical)
  • 8 connections for central chemical supply*
  • Stainless steel cabinet (304 18-8 SS for all parts in contact with wash solution)
  • Prepared for direct steam injection
  • Programmable variable speed inverter
  • Air or spring cushion suspension (depending on model size)
  • Cool down
  • Programmable speeds, water levels, water temperature, etc.
  • Straight-down drain connection

See below for a list of options.

  • Water reuse drain
  • water reuse inlet valve
  • Extra inlet without valve
  • Vapor barrier for straight down drain
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker
  • Pneumatic water inlet valves
  • Pneumatic steam inlet valve
  • Direct steam heating
  • Electric heating
  • Barrier wall seal kit
  • 316 stainless steel in all wetted parts
  • Electropolished basket
  • 316 stainless steel air-operated inlet valves
  • Viton seals
  • Water reuse system
  • Special voltages*
  • EMI filter
  • PC programming kit
  • Single door (non-pass through)*
  • Export crating


*Contact us for details on these options.