Drum Testers

RTD-3050 drum testing unit


RTD-3050 Drum Testers

The RTD-3050 rotating test drum, used with a particle counter, is used to measure the particle burden on cleanroom garments and textiles. Versatility and ease of use make the test drum a useful addition to any cleanroom lab. Particle counter is not included. This is specifically designed for use with the Helmke Test.

• All drive & electrical components mounted internally


• Conforms to IES-RP3/4 Standard



RTD-3050 Drum Testing Unit on optional rolling cart

• Electro-polished stainless steel drum with hinged access door


• Digital tachometer solid state drive allow precise control of drum speed


• Stationary sampling tube requires no adjustment or dissassembly between tests


• Heavy duty maintenance free drive


• Adjustable swivel feet


• Optional reversing switch


• Optional stainless steel cart prewired with outlet and power cord