PSA: Warranty Returns


Warranty returns must be completed within 60 days.This is generally not a problem, as warranty replacements are to fix broken machines. However, in the case that the machine remains down or utilizing broken/faulty parts for over 60 days, the customer will be billed for the part. This is a factory requirement that UltraClean Laundry has no control over.

Due to this, we now require a PO with the retail cost of the part attached to each warranty part. If the factory requirements for part return is completed within the 60 day limit, your invoice will be credited the full value. The customer is responsible for shipping costs on all warranty claims, and this will be invoiced to the PO you provide at the time the replacement part is ordered.

Feel free to contact the service department with any questions at 888-267-55534 extension 2, or

PSA: Parts, Technical Support, and Troubleshooting Changes

Dear customers,

As of 3/1, there are some changes to how we will be handling troubleshooting and support.

  • Parts service: As of March 1, we will require a serial number and purchase order number to place parts orders. This is to protect you, the customer, from any issues that may arise if we don’t have the correct S/N and ship an incompatible part. The UltraClean XT170 tumbler has changed very little in the past 20 years, but modernization has occurred to the controls, the heating elements, and the special cleanroom-specific instruments. Therefore, it is possible to get a wrong part. 
  • Technical support: Our policy of free over-the-phone technical support in exchange for being allowed to quote spare parts will remain in tact. If no parts quotes or sales have been made to a customer in the last 12 months, technical support will be billed by the hour with a minimum charge for one hour. The rate will be set at $50.00/hr, and the invoice will be sent via PayPal for credit card or corporate invoice with a purchase order. This does not apply to machines still under warranty.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have a machine under warranty that is giving you issues, we will help you troubleshoot it over the phone and via email. We can generally work out any issue you have within a few minutes. If the machine is no longer under warranty (3 years from start up date, excluding aftermarket parts) it will be treated the same as a technical support call. Generally this is a free service (see above). If an UltraClean rep is required on-site, there is a $700.00/day fee plus all travel expenses and per diem. We will work with you depending on the situation, but generally speaking that is the flat daily fee.

Thank you very much!



Kyle Horton
Service Manager

PSA: Shipping Changes, UPS Service Discontinued
UltraClean Laundry Equipment
February 16, 2015

Due to several mishaps with UPS over the last year, mostly revolving around bad communication from UPS staff to UCLE staff and customers as well as fraudulent charges, UCLE will no longer be utilizing UPS as a shipping agent domestically or internationally. We will also not be using our account or 3rd party accounts. This includes UPS Ground services and Freight services.

There will be no changes on items shipping from RSPC (factory direct).

We will still have options open to customers, including FedEx Ground and Freight, Old Dominion Freight Lines, and a plethora of other carriers on demand.

UCLE will still allow UPS pickups arranged by customer at our locations, but will not file any of the paperwork or use our account number due to several fraudulent charges being placed on our account with no recourse via UPS customer service.

Any questions please contact Kyle at

New Machine Season is Here!

It’s a new year, and that means new dryers! We are headed into a production run for new dryers as well as refurbishing a few used dryers, on top of delivering a few RTD-3050 drum testers across the world.

We have serviced several older Cissell and Huebsch cleanroom dryers that have parts no longer in production, and surplus parts are becoming very costly as supplies dry up. If you are experiencing this with your dryer, have us quote a replacement or rebuild today!

a href=””img title=”XT170-CSH ” class=”alignleft size-full” alt=”image” src=”” //a

New XT170-CSH fresh off the assembly line

PSA: February Price Increase on ALS Parts

From Alliance Laundry 1/2/15:

The upcoming price increase for Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) service parts will be effective February 1, 2015. Every effort has been made to minimize the cost impact… In most cases, the multi-level price breaks that currently exist will remain intact.
Please note that the prices effective February 1, 2015 will supersede any prices listed in SearchIt!

This will not affect most parts orders (belts, thermistor probes, etc) too much, but if you are planning on replacing a high-dollar item such as a motor or steam coils ordering as soon as possible is highly recommended. Call or email Kyle for more information:

888-267-5553 ext. 2

or email:

ALS to Discontinue Cissell Brand

This was transmitted to UltraClean Laundry Equipment this afternoon, August 22, 2014.

August 22, 2014

To: All North American Alliance Laundry Systems Distributors

Dear Distributor Principal,

After careful consideration, the management of Alliance Laundry Systems is
announcing today its decision to discontinue the sales and manufacturing of Cissell
branded equipment worldwide at the end of 2014. The rationalization of product
designs and the multiple brands within the Alliance portfolio were the primary reasons
for making this decision. While this is a difficult outcome for Cissell customers, we
feel this action is in the best interest of Alliance Laundry Systems and its distribution
network going forward.

Over the next several months, we will work closely with Cissell distributors to help
prepare for this final outcome. In order to achieve a smooth transition, we will
continue to accept orders until December 1, 2014 for shipment prior to year end. And
of course, we will continue to support discontinued Cissell products through the
Alliance Customer One support groups.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement, please contact
your North American Sales Manager directly.
William Bittner
Vice President North American Sales
Alliance Laundry Systems

The good news out of this is that Huebsch offers a very similar product to Cissell, and UltraClean Laundry Equipment rebuilds the Huebsch tumbler into the world’s leading cleanroom tumbler. UltraClean can also get parts for your Cissell tumbler, so to keep those older machines in the fleet still running production, contact our support team today!

The Cleanroom Laundry Dilemma: Maintaining or Replacing

The factory’s response to my concerns was, “At this point, the dryer is about fifteen years old. Just tell the customer to buy a new one. It will be cheaper in the long run.”

Late spring of this year I was approached by a customer who, like many of my customers, is the maintenance manager of a commercial cleanroom laundry. He needed parts- a lot of parts- for his aging lineup of tumblers (dryers). Most of them were no problem. However, one was a major issue. The front panel of one of his dryers had been bent several times, and had to be replaced. The stainless version of his front panel, essential in a cleanroom environment, was no longer available. Replicating it was impossible because the manufacturer of the unit had a policy that when a part was discontinued, they destroyed the drawings and all documentation other than a part number and a note “this part did X, on models XYZ. Discontinued. No replacement.”

I had only two options to pass on to my customer; send me the front panel that was destroyed and I could replicate it in my contract shop, or I could order him a carbon steel painted version of the same front panel that was still available. The customer was in between a rock and a hard place; either have a machine down for 2-3 weeks while I waited on the part, drew it up and made a copy (hoping that it wasn’t too damaged to get good measurements) or risk the carbon steel and paint contaminating the clean room. As the service manager for a company that specializes in cleanroom laundries, this was unacceptable to me.

The factory’s response to my concerns was, “At this point, the dryer is about fifteen years old. Just tell the customer to buy a new one. It will be cheaper in the long run.”

I was flabbergast. My grandpa has a John Deere backhoe that is ancient but still runs forty years later. Our truck at the family ranch is a 1972 Ford that still runs around the place as needed. We like things built to last.

There is a major disconnect here: In the commercial laundry industry, a dryer in the 150-200lb capacity costs about $12k (give or take). It comes straight from the factory, they plug it in and run it until it falls apart. By the time they replace it eight to ten years later, it has paid for itself many times over and a replacement is easy to install.

The cleanroom laundry industry is different. The dryers my customers order require days of thoughtful planning as part of an often months- or even years- long planning process. Because the dryer is permanently framed into the cleanroom wall and sealed to prevent both the loss of clean air and contamination, replacing the dryer costs a lot more than just the sticker price on the unit. Add to that the fact that a $12k commercial dryer costs far less than a well made, customized cleanroom dryer which can cost between $28-48k, and you see why cleanroom laundry operators want to extend the life of their units dramatically.

So the question arises: When do you maintain, and when do you replace?

Last year a customer approached us with that very query. They had a pair of old dryers sitting in storage, and a facility in need of two dryers. We quoted a rebuild, and they issued a PO for the work. The dryers arrived; it was a dismal sight. Rust on stainless steel from years of cleaning with bleach, lint buildup in every corner, wiring in disarray, and controls corroded, corrupted, and not working.

UltraClean was able to take these dryers and revamp them into dryers that looked and operated like new dryers at a fraction of the cost of new cleanroom dryers. The dryers were shipped to the customer, kinks were hammered out just like they would have been in any new dryer, and they went back into service. With over a decade of service already under their belt, they were renewed and looking at another decade plus of continuous service.

There are several reasons we were able to accomplish this:

  1. A dedicated team that used every tool and scrubbing pad in reach, and all the elbow grease and hours available over several days to clean the dryer, replace corroded and rotted parts, and modernize the instruments.
  2. A solid frame and stainless parts.
  3. Access to replacement parts.

Generally speaking, we can always revamp a dryer like this. There are other considerations, however; for instance, newer machines have better, more accurate instruments. The newer controls are more efficient. There are options available for office integration, so that production can add new programs from a smartphone or computer and maintenance can troubleshoot. And, finally, the new dryers have an air system that is sealed better than ever before. In ways, it may be more cost efficient to add a new dryer- and if you have to cut the dryer out of the cleanroom wall anyway, you can wait to pull it out until the new one is complete and on site, meaning less downtime for the cleanroom.

Like every commercial or on-premise cleanroom laundry, the answer lies in one factor: Your company’s needs and requirements.

No two cleanroom laundry operatotions are the same. There is no one-size-fits-all option, especially these days where production schedules are tight and modernization and expansion budgets can be even tighter. UltraClean Laundry Equipment, with over 30 years experience as the pioneers in the cleanroom laundry industry, know this better than anyone. Whether you have UltraClean equipment or a competitor’s equipment in your cleanroom, we’ll work with you and your company to find an option that fits within your time constraints and budgetary requirements.

Email us here!

888-267-5553 ext. 2

Sale on HE-65 washer-extractor!

The list on the HE-65 is $12,598.00, but for a limited time we are offering the HE-65 for $6,999.00. Contact us at for more information.