Trunnion Alignment Jig

Huebsch has recently redesigned their 170lb tumbler trunnion to extend durabilty and service life. Because of the nature of our customers, both as the dryers are mounted in cleanroom walls and the wide spread of client locations across the world, alignment of the trunnions is a major issue.  Many customers receive their trunnion at their plant, then load the trunnion and basket, transport it to a local machine shop, and pay even more to have it aligned.

UltraClean has used a special jig made especially for our dryers for many years; a one-of-a-kind tool that allows us to properly align the dryer’s trunnion and basket with shims on location. Now, we have decided to put these into production for our customers. We can provide these jigs manufactured of aluminum and steel (aluminum construction cuts weight and increases durability, meaning you can ship it at lower cost and get more useful years out of it) for $575.00, FOB Elm Mott, Texas.

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